•   October 2024   •

The III annual Finnish Food week in Luxemburg

III annual Finnish food week will be held 30th September - 4th October.

Luxemburg is a gateway for European food markets.

Finnish food companies participating the week are high-quality food companies. Five companies out of 10 attendees 2024 are getting their products into the Luxemburgish food market starting in the middle of April 2024

Want to have your high-quality products part of the event?

Please contact Mrs Kati Pohjanmaa kati@katipohjanmaa.fi

Finland is home for naturally delicious, safe and healthy food.

During the Finnish Food Week in Luxemburg at Technopolis MIN restaurant and canteen you have a chance to taste pure, fresh, safe and real  Finnish food.

For the Finnish companies attending we are opening the doors to the European food market for your company and your products. We organize an event for you where you have a chance to present your products to Le Provencale for opening the Luxemburgian markets. Your first step is to be part of the Luxemburgish food markets.

Finnish companies participating the event 2023:

Bonne, berry drinks and products

Jukolan juusto, real cheddar

Kouvolan lakritsi, licorice products

Kuohu water, artesian water

Malmgård, oat products

Rosten bakery, bakery products

Sussis Bageri, bakery products

Sallan Villiporo, reindeer snacks