II annual Finnish Food week 

in Luxemburg

2nd - 6th October 2023 

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Finland is home for naturally delicious, pure, safe and healthy food.

During the Finnish Food in Luxemburg you can come and take a Finnish lunch at MIN restaurant in Technopolis Gasperich. 

While enjoying Finnish lunch you have a good chance to introduce yourself with traditional and innovative vegetarian dishes and get info on Finnish Food and food systems. 

Finnish lunch menu 2022 was:

Monday 19th September

Creamy Salmon soup, with Finnish bread. Berry youghurt trifle.

Traditional Finnish salmon soup with Birkkala farm spelt cracker. For dessert berry trifle made with Arctic Warriors berry powders.

The soup is a traditional Finnish soup. The bread is a spelt bread which then again is one of the new/old Finnish Food Innovations.

The spelt products of Birkkala Farm are genuine, original spelt. The farm has specialised in the production of organic spelt already for more than 20 years,

Finnish berries are strong and full of flavour thanks to the bright and short summer. Berries are picked up the best and the cleaniest wild berries from Lapland.
They are dried in low temperature to save all the vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants. The result is a beautiful berry powder which is used in trifle.

Tuesday 20th September

Reindeer and Cheese Sallad. Blueberry pie. 

The reindeer chips come from Lapland from Sallan Villiporo.
Reindeer chips are very thin and still they have a very strong taste of meat.

The cheese is a Finnish cheddar type with a flavour of tree. It is made by Jukolan juusto. 

Real Cheddar from the cheesery at Leivonmäki in Joutsa in middle Finland is hand-made using the traditional Cheddar-making method. The freshest morning milk from cheesery's own dairy farm is used as the ingredient.

Blueberry pie is a traditional Finnish pastry. The berries are picked up in Finland and made for jam. Jam is made by Marjex.

Wednesday 21st September

MeEat Tikka Masala with spelt. Chocolate Mousse.

The Tikka Masala is made of fermented Fava beans. MeEat Tikka Masala is a winner of the 2021 Anuga Taste Innovation Show. MeEat products are a good example of Finnish Food innovation. 

MeEat.co believes the future is plant-based. They went ahead and created food for the future. The result? Amazing plant-based products that look and taste delicious. MeEat.co believes that by challenging the current food systems and the norms regarding what people eat, we might actually make a huge difference environmentally and economically.

You should taste this. It is combined with tradition, with Finnish organic pearled spelt from https://www.birkkala.com/en/home . Really good sustainable option for using rice.

People in Finland love chocolate. Chocolate specially milk chocolate is a traditional way on enjoying it.

Thursday 22nd September

Smoked fish bowl with spelt. Finnish Apple pie with vanilla sauce.

This is  a day of tradition with modern twist.

Waters are clean in Finland. So is fish as well. Smoking is a traditional way of preparing fish. The fish in bowl come from eastern Finland Nurmes from Pielisen kalajaloste Oy.

Pearled spelt comes from southern Finland from Birkkala farm. Spelt is one of the first cultivated cereals in human history. Spelt has many excellent nutritional properties, such as its fibre and protein content, and suitability for many people with sensitive stomachs. Spelt can be used in many ways for baking and cooking. The flavour of spelt is excellent, delicious and perhaps slightly nutty.

In Finland different pies are a traditional pastry. Apple pie is one of them.

Friday 23rd September

MeEat burger with root vegetables. Lingonberry pannacotta.

As a dessert you get pannacotta with Finnish lingonberry jam made by Marjex. You get it with lingonberry jam made from real and pure Finnish lingonberries from Finnish forest.

The MeEat founders have been in the meat industry for over 25 years. They know how it should taste, feel, and what condiments to use.

They also know that it's time to move on. It's time to reset our food norms and upgrade the way we eat and the way we treat our planet. "That is why we came up with Meeat - a plant based food created by meat-eaters for meat-eaters but without the meat. Pretty cool if you ask us!"

Thursday 22nd September 

After party and Finland event.

During the event connecting for importers and exporters as well as investors and horeca-branch and most of all tasting wonderful and pure Finnish  food.

During the event is served Finnish food and drinks, cocktail food and Finnish gin from Arctic Blue Beverages.

Arctic Blue Beverages products are handcrafted in Finland - in the land of a thousand lakes. The secrets of  prominent flavours are in the pure northern nature, which is well known for the world's cleanest air, pure spring water, arctic botanicals and wild berries that grow in our pristine forests.

Arctic Blue Beverages offers a taste of the Nordic lifestyle. 

Want to have your high-quality products part of the event? Please contact Mrs Kati Pohjanmaa kati@katipohjanmaa.fi